Lipids vs Carbohydrates

Advantages of Mammals storing Lipids rather than Carbohydrates

  • Lipids produce more metabolic water when burned compared to carbohydrates.
  • More energy is produced from lipids when they are metabolically broken down.
  • Lipids are insoluble but carbohydrates are water-soluble. This is why lipids are not easily dissolved out of the cell unlike carbohydrates. This contributes to the phospholipid bi layer in cell membrane.
  •  Lipids are more useful where insulation is required because it retains more heat.
  • Lipids also protect delicate organs because they can be used as packing material around organs.

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June 22, 2011 at 12:23 AM

Very good site you have created. Carbohydrates and lipids, also called fats, are two of the three macronutrient compounds that you need in relatively large quantities to provide for your cellular energy needs. The healthiest diet contains both carbohydrates and lipids. Thanks a lot...

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