Rates of Reactions questions and answers

Here are some free rate of reaction questions and answers.

  1.  How does a catalyst speeds up a reaction?
  2. Does increasing the concentration of a reaction Always increases the rate of the reaction?
  3. Where would the Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution shift if temperature increases, to the right or to the left?
  4. Reactions occur in a series of steps called?
  5. What is the overall order of a reaction?
  6. Does catalyst increase speed of reactants?
  7. A energy profile diagram shows the products have more energy than reactants. What kind of reaction is this?
  8. In a zero order reaction what is the shape of the graph is it curved or straight?


  1. By lowering the activation energy.
  2. No increasing the concentration of a reaction does not always increase the rate of the reaction.
  3. To the right.
  4.  Mechanism.
  5. This is the sum  of the order of the reactants.
  6. No.
  7. Endothermic.
  8. The shape of the graph is straight.

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