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 Are your school notes killing you?, are you looking for ways to make studying easier? are you at that point of your life where you think you can't go on any further? well your at the right place here I'll be sharing with you ways to make your studying a little easier. Studying may seem stressing at times, but at the end of the day you will feel pleased with your self knowing how hard you have worked. And believe me when i say this the grades you will be receiving will be very pleasing. Studying isn't something you do over night but rather a daily ruitine which requires hard work and determination. But not to fret there are ways of easing this stress of studying:

  1. Try avoiding distractions. Distractions such as the television, FACEBOOK, playing games etc. can hinder you from studying. Such distractions can only be overcome by you. You need to have a time set aside for these things and a time set aside for studying. If you find that you are exceeding your "free time" i recommend you drop these distractions completely.
  2. Don't limit your study time for only occasions where you have a test or exam. Study at every chance you get. This way you won't find yourself having to stay up all through the night studying just the day before a test, but you would have already studied long before hand.
  3. When you're in class it is of great importance that you listen KEENLY and with UNDERSTANDING. I know you may have heard this a thousand times but let me just show you  how important this is especially for making your studying easier. When you have an open mind in class and listen keenly, there's a great chance you'll understand that topic and understanding that topic will make it allot easier to remember, so when at home and studying you'll realize there are certain things you would have already known from class, so those can be left for little revision. Also trying to understand things on your own is allot harder, so its of great importance you learn it at school.
  4. As soon as you are given notes you can begin studying. This way you'll find how various topics of that particular subject are related and as i mentioned before you would have a great advantage in that you would have studied before hand for a test or exam.
  5. Finally, you can ask for God's help. God will make you remember things allot easier. As long as God knows you deserve something he WILL give it to you

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