Momentum & Types of Collisions

What is momentum?
Momentum can be defined as the product of mass and velocity (m x v).

Principle of conservation of momentum:

The principle of conservation of momentum states that the total linear momentum of a system of interacting (colliding) bodies, on which no external force is acting remains constant.

This principle is basically saying momentum before collision is equal to momentum after collision.

Types of collisions:

There are two types of collisions covered in physics they are Elastic and Inelastic collisions.

Elastic collisions are those formed when the colliding bodies separate after collision, hence its name. When elastic collisions take place two things are conserved, Momentum and Kinetic Energy (K.E.), meaning none is lost from the system.

Therefore in elastic collisions momentum before collision is equal to momentum after collision, and similarly Kinetic energy before collision is equal to kinetic energy after collision.

In-elastic collisions refer to collisions in which the objects remain or stick together after collision. Seeing that the objects remain together after collision Kinetic energy is therefore not conserved only momentum is conserved.

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