Resolving vectors: How to resolve vectors

Resolving vectors means splitting vectors into two perpendicular components.
Resolving vectors can be very easy if you’re focused. Here I’ll be showing you how to resolve a vector and then solve its horizontal and vertical components.

Using the vector below F it must first be split(resolved)  into its vertical and horizontal components before it can be solved.

Vector F

Vector when resolved

  1. Identify the component (line) adjacent to the given angle ‘A’(here it is the horizontal component).
  2.  Label the adjacent  component as F x COS A.

     3. Identify the component opposite to the given angle ‘A’(here it is the vertical component).
     4. Label opposite component as F x SIN A.

The following formulas can then be used to solve the components:

         Horizontal component = F x COS A
         Vertical component = F x SIN A

Note:  When resolving vectors the component adjacent to the given angle is ALWAYS the vector multiplied by the cosine(COS) of the angle while the component opposite the given angle is always the vector multiplied by the sin(SIN) of the angle.

Click here to see an example on how to resolve a vector

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