Energy and Chemical Reactions


Chemical reactions are constantly taking place within living organisms this is known as metabolism.
Metabolism can be divided into two groups these are:

  1. Anabolism
  2. Catabolism

Anabolism Vs Catabolism

Anabolism is simply a phase of metabolism which results in the buildup of simple chemicals into more complex ones while Catabolism is the reverse; it involves the breakdown of complex chemicals into simpler ones.

In spontaneous chemical reactions the products will have a higher entropy that the reactants meaning they will have less free energy. However for chemical reactions to take place an initial input of energy is needed, this initial input of energy is known as the activation energy.

All chemical reactions are said to be reversible; simply put their direction is determined by their conditions. An example of this would be pH, high and low pH can cause reactions to proceed in opposite directions respectively.

Reactions are capable of releasing energy, in biology these are known as exergonic while some can absorb free energy these are known as endergonic.

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