Do Ants Ever Sleep / Rest?

Many of us should probably know by now that an ant is one of the hardest working creatures on the planet. Just observing an ant’s activity can give one the impression that they never rest, but is that really true?
Before we begin answering this question let’s start by answering this one:

Can any living thing survive without rest?
The obvious answer to this is no. No living organism can survive without resting, resting allows us to regain energy and being as hard working as an ant must mean that allot of resting is needed. Therefore the obvious answer to the primary question is YES an ant does rest.

So what’s the trick to it?

  1. They all look alike
  2. They are organized
  3. You really didn’t observe that much.

Seeing that all worker ants look alike it’s impossible to tell who is/isn’t working and since ants are organized workers, they work together, some may work at a particular time in the day and some at another time so they are able to rest at different intervals just like us humans.
Need proof? Then watch the video below of ants that are sleeping:

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