You're Lying !: Ways to Know if Someone is Lying

Lying Person:
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Are you tired of being lied at, maybe by a friend, family, spouse etc. and you’re absolutely certain they’re lying and just can’t prove it? well you’re at the right place, here I’ll be showing you different ways/methods of detecting instances where a person maybe lying. Though these methods may not be exact and can be manipulated by “expert liars”, they still have proven to be effective. Below are the different methods to know when someone is lying:

  • Using reaction time and facial expressions.
  • Often times you’ll see individuals react in the appropriate way depending on the condition but what you may also see is that their facial expressions usually delay their speech, for example a lying person receiving sad news may respond “Oh that’s so sad” but if you watch closely you’ll realize there’s a delay in their facial expression of sadness. Emotions that are true on the other hand are most times instantaneous.
  • Changing the Subject
  • This is probably one of the most obvious and most used methods by liars. At some point in time you may be speaking to someone about a particular situation and all of a sudden the person changes the subject, this is an indication that the person is uncomfortable with the conversation possibly because they’re lying. A truthful person on the other hand wouldn’t stray from the topic and would probably try to regain focus on the topic.
  • Using the eye direction.
  • This is a very effective way of telling that someone is lying, and is used by many police officers. As long as you can remember the directions there shouldn’t be any problem telling whether or not a person is lying. When a person looks to their right (your left), this is an indication that the person is constructing an event, while on the other hand if they look to their left (your right), this indicates that the person is actually remembering something. So simply put if the person looks to their right when answering a question he/she is actually making up something (lying) but if he/ she looks to their left this means that they are actually remembering something(telling the truth).
You can also watch the video below by Dr. Lillian Glass on more ways to detect a lying person:

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great article. I think the photo provides a scientific point of view on a lies detection :)

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