Cape Biology Syllabus: Download/View Now

You can now download the cape biology syllabus here for free. The CAPE BIOLOGY SYLLABUS which is similar to the A-Level syllabus provides students and teachers with an outline of the topics that should be covered within the school year. The syllabus is divided into two units:

  1. Unit 1 which should be covered within as students first year of sixth form
  2. Unit 2 which should be covered during the second year of sixth form.

Many persons have often times complained that the cape biology syllabus is too extensive which makes it difficult for teachers to complete in such a short period of time. Therefore it is up to the students to work on some topics on their own so it is essential that every student gets a copy of the syllabus whether hard copy or soft. I recommend you time your studying wisely using the syllabus and not always depend on the teacher. Remember that the exam is written based entirely on the syllabus so there’s not a question that will be given in the exam that isn’t covered in this syllabus.

Download Cape Biology Syllabus

You can also download the 2006 schools report here. This report identifies areas in past paper cape exams where students made mistakes and gives the correct answer.

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This is ideal for those children who are home schooled! Thanks a lot!

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