Education Technology – Welcome the Evolution in Learning

Education and technology for always have shared a link, which became even more connecting with the advancement of information and communication technology. Learning via distance that until a decade back remain unexplored witnessed sudden resurgence on the strength of technological tools. Online education became the catchword among the generation that is considered a natural extension of the learning via distance programs. Undeniably, education technology has brought around a massive change in the learning process of the generation y students and working individuals. Education in 21st century observed a paradigm shift that moved on from the conventional classroom setting to the dominion of the virtual sphere.

Integration of technology in education in recent times laid a platform for the career-oriented individuals of today to build a niche in this age of strict competition. Since, the global corporate world is now searching for performance-oriented knowledgeable individuals, the focus of updating the skill set is crawling into the minds of the young executives wishing to secure a position in the job market. The wonderful concept of studying at your own convenience and learning at your own pace has been the major catch of education technology. It has allowed the students and the professionals on the go to dream again and turn their dream into reality with a greater approach. Distance learning on strength of technology turned a blessing for them.

Well, if all these discussions have led you to think that online education is solely designed for the working executives then, think again. Even, regular students already pursuing a course via traditional learning can consider enrolling in a career-oriented distance-learning program to gain an edge in the professional world just after completing his or her degree qualification. Education technology has helped these career-oriented students immensely offering them a platform of dreaming big about their career. If you are wary of the availability of the courses then, stay assured, online courses are available in a wide range of discipline that includes science, arts, commerce, business, technology, architecture, and many more.

Here is a quick look at some of the major highlights of education technology that has benefited the world of distance learning greatly -

  • Tech-integrated learning creates a better learning environment, as it helps in maintaining a better communication with the instructor and other students independent of time and distance.
  • Live conferencing and video conferencing helps in sharing information and delivering knowledge at mutual convenience of student and instructor.
  • Internet technology in learning has opened doors of opportunities, as it helps recreating a traditional classroom setting over the virtual world promoting learning, as it was with better flexibility.

Education technology in delivering learning over the web has made learning flexible and accessible. Discussion boards, online chat forums, video conferencing, and e-mail are some of the tech tools that simplifies communication and information exchange. From submitting assignments, communicating with the instructor, to logging on to classes, implementation of technology in distance learning has turned education digital. You can now enjoy the convenience of accessing your online class anytime anywhere. Additionally, this has also helped the educational institute attain a global exposure in reaching students beyond all borders. All support services related to admission, counselling, and information are now available online.

Education technology in the realm of distance learning has helped institutes reach beyond the tradition set-up to offer the students with a better learning environment. In 21st century, you no longer follow the classroom; the classroom follows you whenever wherever.

You can always refer to the Wikipedia resource on Education Technology for gaining a better insight and comprehensive understanding.

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