How Exercise Affects the Mind

Scientists have known for years that exercise is a good way to improve mood and sleep cycles in the brain. Newer methods and more precise pharmacy tech are allowing doctors to control the symptoms of numerous mental illnesses, but the fact remains that the best way to foster good psychological health is to exercise on a regular basis. Exercising releases chemicals which can induce feelings of well-being and happiness. Newer studies show an even greater correlation between physical health and mental health. The following are the most documented ways in which exercise affects the mind:

Exercise boosts endorphins and seratonin levels
Both of these chemicals have been shown to have a huge impact on anxiety, depression, and symptoms of OCD. Other chemicals which are important to the mind, such as the hormone cortisol, are regulated with exercise. Our thoughts are almost entirely the result of chemical interactions and firing synapses. The best way to keep the circuitry of your head running smoothly is to get in a nice jog.

Exercise helps with ADD
Symptoms of ADD can also be controlled with exercise. The same chemicals that affect our mood also affect our ability to concentrate. There is also the sense in which exercise is a form of meditation that allows you to distract yourself from stress by focusing on physical sensations. By training the mind to hone in on the movements of the body and the rhythm of a particular kind of exercise, you can fight the sometimes debilitating factors of attention deficit disorder.

Exercise helps with creativity
Scientists are beginning to also think that exercise helps boost our creativity levels as well. They say it comes about as a result of neuroplasticity, which is one of the ways your brain rejuvenates itself. Recent scientific studies show that regular exercise facilitates better interactions between different parts of the brain and allows the creative juices to flow more easily. Exercise also helps us to better manage our fight-or-flight response, which can help us in making bold creative decisions.

Exercise is a powerful tool in nourishing the mind. It can help control the symptoms of multiple personality disorders and psychological problems. Whether you're an artist, a scientist, or just someone looking to feel better during the course of the day, exercise is the best medication known to humanity. The more scientists learn about the brain the more they realize how much like a muscle it is, an organ that needs to be continually flushed, detoxified, and exercised.

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