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Have you ever wondered what a waxed tiger would look like? Their stripes aren’t just in the hairs; they're embedded in their skin, so a naked tiger would look like a tattooed, leaner version of the big cat. Whether you’re into chemistry or biology, the world is a strange and fascinating place. Check out these odd science facts that are perfect fodder for your next cocktail party (or Trivial Pursuit game).

For example, your nose has a limit for how many scents can be remembered. No matter your age, the nose maxes out memory at 50,000 unique scents. Maybe that’s why you can’t quite place the aroma of that new non toxic parts washer solvent.

We’re All a Little Weird

Dr. Seuss had it right, because the human body is an incredible instrument. Did you know your eyes are the same size since birth, and the rest of the body simply catches up? This explains why a baby’s eyes seem so massive (and the process behind anime design). However, your mouth is an even more interesting place.

Every person can fill two full-sized swimming pools with saliva in their lifetime. However, human teeth are lagging behind. Humans only get two sets of teeth, while alligators can get up to 3,000 in their lifetime, which is similar to how long humans live. Think about that the next time you take a swim or brush your teeth.

Head-Scratching Truths

Left-handed people, on average, live seven years less than righties. There’s no solid reasoning for why this occurs, but you may have noticed that an inordinate amount of actors and actresses are left-handed.

Humans aren’t as strange as some other species we share the world with. For example, did you know that polar bears can run 25 miles per hour, which is much faster than a human can ever strive for?

Polar bears aren’t the only large, lumbering animals that can beat a man in a race. The hippopotamus can also outrun a human. Flamingos can only eat when their head is upside down, and hummingbirds are the only creature that can fly backward. These anomalies are nothing new, considering the massive stegosaurus had a brain the same size as a walnut.

Chemical Reactions

It’s a good thing humans produce so much saliva, because it’s impossible to taste foods (or anything else) without it, regardless of taste buds. However, if you’re looking to improve your pucker, you might want to know that a very common lipstick ingredient is fish scales. This puts a damper on beauty products for vegans.

The world is indeed a curious place. The hardest chemical in the body may be tooth enamel, but even this easily dissolves in vinegar. Keep these facts tucked away for your next networking event. You’re sure to be remembered.

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