A Mystic Mountain Discovered

Pictures taken by the Hubble site team reveal an amazing mystic mountain formed from hydrogen that is continually being eaten away by stars that are close by. The image shows pillars of dust and gas from a somewhat mountain-like figure. While the mountain is being affected by stars close by, others are also embedded within the mountain; the gases emitted from these stars can be seen streaming out of the body. The stars formed within the body are as a result of stars in the nebula compressing the body with radiation and fast winds.

The pictures below show the Mystic Mountain:

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1 Response to A Mystic Mountain Discovered

August 30, 2011 at 8:15 AM

Andrelle, these pictures are awesome. God's beautiful universe is awe inspiring.

The first picture appears to be an enlargement of the second. Is the third a broader view of both? I don't see the exactly where the "mountain" is in the third one. Perhaps it looks sufficiently different because of false-color imaging in the first two?

Rod Martin, Jr.

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