Leopons: Lion and Leopard Hybrid

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Many persons have wondered what kind of animal would be produced if a cross should happen between a lion and a leopard, some have even doubted the possibility. For those who have doubted the possibility, yes it is possible to cross a lioness and a leopard. When crossed the resulting hybrid is known as a leopon.

One of the longest lifespan ever recorded for a leopon is over 20 years. To us humans this may seem short but when compared to either lions or leopards this is an unusually long amount of time. For instance lions have a life expectancy of only 13 years; seeing the difference?

If you know a lion and a leopard very well then you should be able to identify a leopon because its physical appearance is a combination of that of both parents. Leopons are spotted like leopards the only difference being the color; leopons have brown spots while leopards are black spotted. When looking at size leopards and lions are relatively the same, a leopons legs are however shorter like that of leopards. Another similarity is that the males have manes like that of lions.

When it comes to mating the lioness would normally lie on her side allowing the leopard to mount. It is also believed that mating seldom happens between these two because the lioness when unsedated often times wouldn’t allow the leopard to mount on her. Therefore most of the leopons produced are as a result of human doings.

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1 Response to Leopons: Lion and Leopard Hybrid

August 30, 2011 at 8:09 AM

So, hybridization is unlikely in nature because of behavioral differences? I wonder what dynamics were in play between Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis back in the day. Would a human male find a Neanderthal babe hot? Perhaps if he was inibriated, he might not know the difference.

Rod Martin, Jr.

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