Can Dogs Talk?

Talking Dog

Many persons have asked the question of whether dogs can talk or not and if they can how do they do it. For those who have doubted the possibility here we will prove you wrong and show you that dogs can talk not only are we going to prove this but also show you how they are cable of speaking.

For those who have dogs at home you should probably realize by now that they are great listeners and do just about anything, comprehensible to them, that you tell them to do. This is because they are obedient animals and with just the right motivation you can get them to do whatever you want.

The basics
For your dog to reach a level such as speaking he/she first needs to know some basic tricks. These tricks may include the dog responding to simple tasks such as “sit”, “Down” and “stay”. It is said that once your dog is able respond to these simple tasks that means he has already learned to pay attention to his owner.

Find out what motivates your dog
Seeing that your dog already knows how to pay attention the next thing that needs to be done is to find out what motivates your dog. Most dogs are motivated by food while some are motivated by just petting them. Once you have figured this out use it when training your dog and when you’re done training reward them again. Allow them to get used to this pattern and before you know it they’ll be doing whatever you tell them.

Getting your dog to respond only when spoken to
Before you can teach your dog to talk he/she first needs to now when he/she must respond and not bark all the time. With speaking your dog needs to now when and how to bark. Since this is not like “sitting” or “staying” but involves sound you’ll need to know what makes your dog barks, this could include withholding food, ringing the doorbell etc.

For dogs that respond to food all you, the owner, have to do is tempt him with the food. Hold the food above his head allow him to realize it them ask him to speak, eventually he’ll bark and when he does reward him with the food.
Keep teaching your dog these simple tricks every day until he gets used to it, he will eventually find out what you want and will speak when asked to.

Now that we know how to get our dog to speak we’ll know have a look at some amazing videos of dogs that can talk.

Sources: by Dr.Amy Wolff
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