Biology Notes

Below are biology notes created for the purpose of covering major topics in the CAPE Biology and A-Level Course, some notes present here are also covered in many other syllabuses for colleges and other tertiary institutions so you can scroll through and see which topics you need.
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CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY                                                                                          
  ~Cell Structure 
     >Role of water >>Read<<
     >Animal and Plant Cell >>Read<<
     >Functions of the Membrane Systems and Organelles.>>ER | Golgi | Lysosomes<<
     >Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells.>>Read<<
  ~Membrane Structure and Function
      >Roles of Phospholipid >>Read<<
      >Diffusion, Osmosis, Active Transport etc. >>Read<<
      >Effects of Plant Cells when Immersed in different solutions.>>Read<<
      >Energy and Chemical Reactions >>Read<<
      >Function of Enzymes >>Read<<
      >Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction.>>Read<<
      >Competitive and Non Competitive Inhibition.>>Read<<

GENETICS, VARIATION AND NATURAL SELECTION                                                               
  ~Structure and Roles of Nucleic Acids
      >DNA Replication >>Read<<
      >Protein Synthesis>>Read<<
      >Protein structure
  ~Mitotic an Meiotic Cell Division
      >Mitotic cell Division
      >DNA and Genetic Stability
  ~Patterns Of inheritance
      >Definitions: Genes, Alleles, Dominant, Recessive
      > Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses
      > Chi-squared Test
  ~Variation and Natural Selection
      >Variation among Sexually Produced Organisms.
      >Gene and Chromosome Mutation
      >Natural Selection.

REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY                                                                                                       
  ~Asexual Reproduction and Vegetative Propagation
      >Definitions: Asexual Reproduction, budding, Binary Fission etc.
      >Advantages and Disadvantages of Asexual Reproduction
      > Consequences of Asexual Reproduction

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